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FDE Lost Details help text

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If a user has forgotten their password or has been disabled, the administrator can append text to the FDE Lost Details page, for when a user attempts FDE recovery.


This can be used to provide contact information in order to obtain a recovery password.

Note: The Workstation policy must be set before the Full Disk Encryption command is sent.


This can be achieved by editing the Workstation Policy Full Disk Encryption from the Enterprise Server interface.


To configure the FDE Lost Details help text please follow the article below and add the text that you wish the users to see in the panel:

KB229 - How do I modify workstation policy? 


  • When the Full Disk Encryption process is started, the text will be shown when a user attempts to the recovery procedure as shown below. 

UEFI Workstations

Image showing a normal recovery window without any appended text.

Image showing a recovery window with appended text.

Legacy Workstations

Image showing a recovery window with appended text.



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