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How to sync specific AD Organizational Units (OU) - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How to sync specific AD Organizational Units (OU)

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If you would like to sync specific Organizational Units please follow the steps below:

In Active Directory:

1: Create a 'security group' within your AD Domain Controller (label it as 'deslockusers' or similar, the example that is used in the image below is 'groupdeslock').

2: 'Add' the users from the OU's you want to make members of the group you have just created.

3: Add this group to the 'Users' directory.

In the Enterprise Server

4: Access 'advanced' in 'active directory settings' and insert the LDAP query and click 'Ok', this is an example code which we have used in the image below: (memberOf=CN=groupdeslock,CN=users,DC=deslock,DC=com)

5: Click 'resync' and the users will appear in the result window, highlight all of them and click 'Quick Import'.

6: All the users will import to the Enterprise Server and be setup inside their 'Teams' as labelled by their OU groups. 


Any further additions to AD that will be required to be imported to the Enterprise Server should be made members of the created group in order for them to sync.



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