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I have forgotten my password

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The DESlock+ software has various password entries.  Please see the appropriate section below for advice appropriate to the password entry you are trying to use.

Key-File Login

These are passwords to login to your Key-File as shown below:

If you are a standalone user and you have forgotten your Key-File password please see this article: KB336 - Forgotten Password - Key-File (standalone)

If your workstation is managed by an Enterprise Server, please see this article: KB86 - How do I reset a users DESlock+ Key-File password?

Full Disk Encryption

Full disk encryption passwords are entered using the Start System menu option as shown in the screenshot below:

If you are a standalone user and you have forgotten this password please see this article: KB335 - Forgotten password - Full Disk Encryption (standalone)

If you workstation is managed by an Enterprise Server then please see this article: KB143 - How do I reset a managed user's Full Disk Encryption password?

Related Article: KB247 - How to start a system that is Full Disk Encrypted

Enterprise Server

Enterprise Servers logins are entered through the website interface pictured below:

If you are unable to login to the Enterprise Server and you are using a normal login account please see this article: KB150 - My Enterprise Server login is locked out, how can I regain access?

If you have locked out the system admin account for the Enterprise Server please see this article: KB8 - I have forgotten the password or locked out the Enterprise Server system admin login


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