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JUN 9 2020

Release Announcement: ESET Secure Authentication

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Dear all,

We would like to confirm successful release of ESET Secure Authentication 

Note: Mobile applications were published to Google play store and iOS App store. Will become available gradually according to mobile stores internal processes in upcoming hours. 

Product: ESET Secure Authentication
Builds Numbers: Server app build, iOS, Android:
Release Stage: Public Release
Languages: Server app - English (ENU), Mobile apps.

Server installer is now live and global download section is updated. 


  • ADDED: Mobile app screen shot protection 
  • ADDED: Hard tokens - support for base32 secret
  • CHANGE: Update to End User License Agreement
  • IMPROVED: Authentication when using RADIUS 
  • IMPROVED: Support for FIDO keys in Windows Logins
  • IMPROVED: Security of custom delivery options
  • IMPROVED: TLS compatibility and support
  • IMPROVED: Strict character limitations for account name, email, display name were increased
  • IMPROVED: Dozens of other performance, usability and security improvements
  • FIXED: Multi actions in ESA web console sometimes change also not selected items 
  • FIXED: Various updates and fixes to Identity connector
  • FIXED: Occasional connectivity loss to Elastic search engine (reports)
  • FIXED: Domain controller issues after restart
  • FIXED: Users deduplication 
  • FIXED: Problem with invalid phone number when using custom delivery option 
  • FIXED: SMTP connection fails if server does not support any authentication
  • FIXED: Password change in Windows logins
  • FIXED: "Show password" icon missing in Windows Logins
  • FIXED: Issues with encrypted hard tokens importing

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

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