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Configure ESET Mail Security to protect against ransomware

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  • Configure additional ESET Remote Administrator (6.3 and later) Antispam policy settings in ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server to protect against Filecoder (ransomware) malware

Click each image to open a new window for additional anti-ransomware best practices and additional policy configurations:


Using the default Antispam rules, incoming emails are already being filtered on the mail server itself. This ensures that the attachment containing the malicious dropper will not be delivered in the mailbox of the end user and the ransomware is not able to execute. To further help prevent ransomware malware on your Microsoft Exchange server, create the following policy rules in ESET Remote Administrator version 6.3 or later:

Do not adjust policies on production systems

The following policy settings are additional configurations and the specific settings needed for your security environment may vary. We recommend that you test the settings for each implementation in a test environment before using them in a production environment.




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