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ESET PROTECT Cloud - ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - Try and Buy

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If you are not using ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, you can try it in a new, streamlined way. Obtaining a trial license and deploying the feature across the network is possible in just a few clicks. After the trial period, the license bundle can be easily upgraded to include ESET Dynamic Threat Defense, or the feature can be disabled again.

This and future features can be found on the new ESET Solutions screen in the main menu.

When you click “TRY FOR FREE”, you can select which devices you want to deploy EDTD. (We recommend using preselected “All devices”). If you do not have a license for EDTD, do not worry, the Trial License will be automatically generated.

Then you just need to accept the Terms of use and click “START TRIAL AND DEPLOY”

In a few moments, you will be notified about successful deployment.

In some cases, you can decide to deploy this product only on specific devices or groups. Don’t worry. You can come back anytime to the "ESET Solutions" section and deploy EDTD on the rest of the network where the eligible products are installed.

In specific countries (depending on where the original license was purchased), customers will be redirected to the system to buy a license. For now the following countries are supported: the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain. In other cases, customers will be redirected to a generic page (, or when the existing bundle is not suitable for the upgrade (original bundle already contains EDTD), the button “BUY”, will be hidden:

Last but not least, when you are not satisfied with the trial, we can everything revert to the previous/original state by clicking "REMOVE":

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