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How to create a Process Dump / Memory Dump - Kennisbank / Diagnostics - ESET Tech Center

How to create a Process Dump / Memory Dump

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After contacting ESET Technical Support, you may be asked to recreate your problem and provide us with the Process Dump files.

When are Process Monitor log files needed?

A Process Dump is typically required to diagnose issues that recede when ESET real-time protection is disabled.



1. Open the ESET Application on your machine.

2. Go to Advanced Settings.

3. Go to TOOLS.

4. Go to Diagnostics

5. Set "Dump Type" as: "Full".

6. Click on the "Create" button.

Wait until the dump creation has been finished. After that, you can use the ESET Log Collector to retrieve all logs from the machine, including the dump that was just created.

You can find instructions on how to use the ESET Log Collector on the following Techcenter page:

Important: Set Collection Profile to "ALL", and Collection Mode to "Original Binary From Disk"!

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