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Release announcement: ESET Security Management Center version 7.2.11 has been released - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

JUN 11 2020

Release announcement: ESET Security Management Center version 7.2.11 has been released

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Release date: June 11, 2020

ESET Security Management Center version 7.2.11 has been released and is available to download.

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Version 7.2.11

  • Added: New version of ESET Management Agent
  • Added: Ability to pause ESET Full Disk Encryption available from EFDE client version 1.2 (EFDE - purchased separately)
  • Added: Agent compatibility with H1/2021 Windows version 10
  • Added: Automatic resolution of firewall logs and filtered websites
  • Added: New dashboard dedicated to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense
  • Added: ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.4 support for macOS
  • Added: LDAPs support
  • Added: New filtering options
  • Added: Many other performance, usability and security improvements
  • Added: Ukrainian language
  • Changed: Updated End User License Agreement
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP Proxy
  • Improved: Discontinued the default limit for the number of displayed static groups
  • Improved: Performance improvements in the “groups” tree on the “Computers” and “Detections” screens
  • Improved: Selected screens redesign: Users, scheduled reports and edit updates in the navigation bar
  • Improved: Unified table design for task selection, computers selection and other features
  • Improved: Second-level menu added under "Change assignments" in the policy screen
  • Improved: Redesigned screens for permissions sets
  • Improved: Computer details screen
  • Improved: Check box for "automatically reboot when needed" is not selected by default when activating EFDE from encryption tile
  • Improved: Users screen
  • Fixed: Delay of product version status shown in the main web console
  • Fixed: System applications are not reported on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed: Language detection on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed: Table sorting behavior: Clicking column headers adds columns to multi-sorting until it has been clicked 3 times
  • Fixed: Last scan time in “computer details” screen won’t impact the computer security status tile
  • Fixed: User cannot resolve detections when the “Resolved” column is not shown in the “detections” table
  • Fixed: The side panel does not remember the expanded/collapsed state after log-out and log-in
  • Fixed: Some threats cannot be marked as resolved
  • Fixed: After moving computers from a specific group, the view is changed to the group "ALL"
  • Fixed: Web console issues on Turkish operating systems
  • Fixed: Many bug fixes related to MDM component
  • Fixed: Notification emails missing "TO" parameter
  • Removed: Support for upgrading from ERA 6.4 to the latest version of ESMC (ERA 6.4 can only be upgraded to ESMC 7.1)
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