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Error 0xC02F0006 when attempting to generate recovery ISO image - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

Error 0xC02F0006 when attempting to generate recovery ISO image

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When attempting to generate a recovery ISO image from a workstation, you may encounter the following error:

ES error

This error means that the workstation has not returned the correct information after encryption was started. Generally this would occur if the start FDE was the last command sent to the workstation. The workstation will generally respond with the information at a later date automatically anyway. This is a known issue in previous DESlock+ clients which has been fixed in 4.7.x or later.

If you see this error, and the workstation can still be booted, then you can just send any command from the Enterprise Server (e.g. send an Update Policy for the workstation policy, or post the user a Key-File update.) Sync the client, and then sync the server, and try to ISO creation process again. This should work.

However, if the workstation CANNOT be booted then unfortunately it means you will be unable to create a recovery ISO using this method.

Please contact us with details of this error so we can advise an alternative recovery strategy.

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