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ESET Security Daily Warmup for MSP - Kennisbank / Managed Service Providers - ESET Tech Center

ESET Security Daily Warmup for MSP

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This video demonstrates how to perform an essential 5-minute warm up every morning to boost the security health of your customers’ networks – while taking the first sips of your morning coffee. The ESET Security Warmup is designed to get every network body part in shape, by checking all the key indicators to understand the status of the clients and acting where needed. 

The daily warmup includes: 

  1. Check your network overview
  2. View unresolved incidents on the network
  3. Resolve critical issues and risks
  4. Diagnose ESET PROTECT server health 
  5. Resolve any remaining threats 
  6. Check the status of the firewall and ESET products

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Frans van Nistelrooij, Batch ict dienstverlening
link not working
Steef | ESET Nederland
Thanks for the tip!, i will correct the KB article, for now you can view the ESET Security daily warmup for MSP video directly on youtube: https://youtu.be/1NII0zJvav4

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