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How do I decrypt a system that only has UEFI boot mode? - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How do I decrypt a system that only has UEFI boot mode?

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You are unable to use the DESlock+ Recovery ISO because your system does not have a Legacy mode option in the BIOS.

Examples include the Microsoft Surface devices.



The standard DESlock+ Recovery ISO is a 32bit version of Linux.

Linux distributions only provide support for UEFI in their 64bit variants, which is why you need to use Legacy mode.



You may find that restoring from your backup is the quickest, and simplest, solution, however the guide below is provided so that you can decrypt a non-booting system.


The following instructions provide a way to use the 64bit version of Ubuntu and run the DESlock+ Recovery tool.

Note: As this is a Live CD environment, you will need to perform these instructions again if you need to reboot at all.


You will firstly need to download the following Ubuntu ISO from the link below:


Note, if the above link does not work, please let us know so we can provide an updated ISO.

The recovery tool, and instructions below, may not work on other version of Ubuntu or other flavours of Linux.


In addition, click the link below to view the Ubuntu guide which outlines the process of running Ubuntu from a USB memory stick.

You will now need to boot from the USB stick, this may require you to change the Boot settings in the BIOS.

On some devices, you may be required to hold down keys or buttons to access the BIOS. You should consult the devices instruction manual or manufacturers website.


This process requires a working internet connection, a keyboard and a mouse!


DESlock Limited can only provide very limited assistance and support regarding the use of Ubuntu itself.

If your system contains hardware devices, such as WiFi or Ethernet adapters, that are not supported by this version of Ubuntu, you may need to find alternative hardware that is supported.



When Ubuntu first boots, choose "Try Ubuntu without installing" as shown below

Try Ubuntu


Once at the Ubuntu Desktop, ensure your keyboard and mouse work.

If necessary, connect to a WiFi access point using the WiFi (fan shaped) icon near the top right corner of the screen.


Next, either press Ctrl + Alt + T to launch a Terminal window or click the Ubuntu icon in the top left corner, shown below

Ubuntu Icon

Then in the Search box that appears, type 'term' and press Return

Ubuntu Search


In the Terminal window, type wget and press Return

wget command

This will download a script file, displaying output similar to to the image below

File Downloaded


Next, type bash and press Return

Executing Script

The Script will display the following text, followed by a lot of output as it downloads, installs and sets up required components.

Script Start up

Once complete, you should see the following

Script Complete


Now we can run the DESlock+ Recovery Tool.

Type sudo ./dlprecovery -s and press Return

Executing Tool

If everything was installed correctly, the Recovery Tool will run and you will see the following

Running Tool

From here, follow the on screen instructions to decrypt your device.

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