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How do I install ESET Endpoint Security for Android? (2.x) - Kennisbank / ESET Security Management Center / Mobile Device Management / ESET Endpoint Security Android - ESET Tech Center

How do I install ESET Endpoint Security for Android? (2.x)

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If you use ESET Remote Administrator to manage your network

Perform these steps in ESET Remote Administrator.

  1. Using your Android device, navigate to the ESET Endpoint Security for Android page of the Google Play Store.
  2. Tap Install.

Figure 1-1

  1. After the app has finished downloading, tap Open.

Figure 1-2

  1. Tap Admin setup.

Figure 1-3

  1. Select the check box if you want to share application data to help improve ESET products and then tap Accept.

Figure 1-4

  1. Read the User consent tap Accept. If you do not agree, tap Decline to cancel the installation.

Figure 1-5

  1. Tap Yes, connect to Remote Administrator to configure ESET Endpoint Security for use in a managed environment with ESET Remote Administrator, or tap No, setup manually.

Figure 1-6

  1. Tap Continue to enable permissions for ESET Endpoint Security for Android. Tap Allow twice.

    Permission settings for Android 6 (Marshmallow)

    If you receive the message "Screen overlay detected" after granting permissions in your ESET mobile product for Android, see our Knowledgebase article to resolve the issue.

Figure 1-7

  1. To activate your product using your ESET License Administrator account, tap Security administrator account. To activate your product directly using your License key, tap License key.

Figure 1-8

  1. Type the admin password that will control access to settings on your Android device into both fields and tap Create.

Figure 1-11

  1. Tap Enable → Activate in the Uninstall protection overview screen.

Figure 1-12

  1. Tap Continue.

Figure 1-13


  1. Tap OK → ESET Endpoint Security and select the slider bar next to Allow usage tracking to allow it.

Figure 1-14

  1. Open your ESET Android product. How do I open my ESET product?

  2. We recommend that you select the check box next to Connect to ESET Live Grid. Tap Next when you are finished.

Figure 1-15

  1. Select your preferred setting for the detection of potentially unwanted applications and tap Next.

Figure 1-16

  1. Tap Finish.

Figure 1-17

  1. After a successful activation, the ESET Endpoint Security home screen will display the You are protected status.

Figure 1-18

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