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How do I reset a users DESlock+ Key-File password? - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How do I reset a users DESlock+ Key-File password?

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If you are a managed DESlock+ user (i.e. you have been given your DESlock+ software by a member of your IT department) and you have forgotten your password to log in to DESlock+ then this can be resolved by getting in touch with your system administrator.

Enterprise Server administrators need to perform the following steps;

  • Log into the Enterprise Server
  • Find the affected user within and double click on them.
  • When the window pops up, click on the 'Workstations' tab
  • Click on the workstation listed in the main view which relates to the machine on which the user has forgotten their DESlock+ login
  • Click on the 'Deactivate' button

ES wrkstn encrypt and deactivate buttons

  • When the 'Deactivate User' window appears, put a check in the check box which reads 'Are you sure you want to Deactivate this user?'

Deactivate workstation dialog

  • Click the 'Deactivate' button.
  • You will now need to click 'Close' on the users workstation window and the click 'Proxy Sync' in the bottom left hand corner of the Enterprise Server.
  • The icon next to your user should now be blue (unless they are activated on a second machine, in which case they will be green)
  • With the user highlighted, click on 'Generate activation code' and click 'Okay' to send the new code to the user. 
  • The user will need to right click on their grey '+' in the system tray and when the menu appears, they will need to click 'Enterprise Sync'
  • The use will now have an activation box appear in the middle of their screen and will need to input their activation code and click 'Okay'
  • They will now be required to input a password and confirm this password. This will be their new DESlock+ login password.

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