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How do I view User Details? - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

How do I view User Details?

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The detailed view of a user allows you to view extended user information details, activated workstations, assign encryption keys and other pertinent information about the user.

In order to view the detailed view of a user follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Enterprise Server.
  • Select the Users branch of the navigation tree.
  • Select the required user in the list of users.


  • Click the Details button in the toolbar above the username or double click the username.

  • Once you are finished with the detailed view, click the Close button in the lower right corner to close the view or press the Escape key. 



A user can be located within a Team so that specific policies can be applied to that group of users.

In order to select a user in a team to view their details, click the Team of users in the navigation tree then select the user themselves in the list of users.

Alternatively set the search filter on the right side to Include Sub Teams.  Including sub teams will display all users from the currently selected team in the navigation tree branch and its sub teams.  You can also enter a username in the search entry to filter the display.

If the include sub teams option results in too many users for the list to display in one go, the additional controls underneath the list can cycle through the pages of users.

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