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Installing EFS using ESET Security Management Center

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  1. Make sure you are running ESET Management Agent v7.1.367.0 or later
  2.  Create a new Client task: 
  3. In the Basic section enter a name  for the task and optionally give it a description:
  4.  Do the following in the Settings section:
    1. Optionally select a ESET License to be used to activate the product
    2. Select "Install by direct package URL" and insert the following url:
    3. Tick the checkbox for "I accept the terms of application End User License Agreement"
    4. Leave installation parameters empty
    5. Optionally allow an automatic reboot if needed by ticking the checkbox.
  5. Save the task by clicking on finish. 
  6. Schedule it to the computer(s) you want to install ESET File Security for Linux on. 

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