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Switching Enterprise Server Proxy

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When performing an Enterprise Restore, you may encounter a warning such as the following:

This is certain to happen if you migrate from a cloud proxy to a local proxy installation, or vice-versa.

This warning means that the address of the Enterprise Server Proxy deployment server is different in the new installation, compared to the address used in the previous installation (from whence the backup was made). This in turn means that any existing clients will need to be manually updated otherwise they will be unable to communicate with the new Enterprise Server (because the two are configured to use a different address for the proxy server).

To update the clients you will need to download a new settings file by selecting the appropriate workstation team, selecting Workstation Policy, and then clcking "Download Settings File".


This will download a .reg file, which you will need to manually copy to each workstation and import it into the local registry.

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