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The ESET Remote Administrator Web Console installer does not detect Java (6.x)

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  • When trying to install the ESET Remote Administrator Web Console (ERA Web Console) for ESET Remote Administrator 6, while using the latest version of Java, the installer fails to detect any Java installation.


Known registry issue

For Java versions 80u6 and later, Oracle has changed the format of the version in the registry, which prevents the ERA Web Console installer from properly detecting it. This is a known issue that will be resolved with the release of ESET Remote Administrator 6.2.

 There are two available solutions:

Solution 1: Delete the last part of the Java version in the registry

    1. Press the Windows key  + to open a Run dialog.

    1. Type regedit into the blank field and click OK.

  1. In the Registry Editor window, locate the PRODUCTVERSION entry located at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\JavaSoft\1.8.0_60\MSI\

    and alternatively at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\JavaSoft\1.8.0_60\MSI\
  2. Double-click the PRODUCTVERSION entry and remove the last part of version number, including the period (see Figure 1-1).

    Figure 1-1

Solution 2: Use a previous version of Java

  1. Download and install a previous version of Java.

  2. Run the ERA Web Console installation again.

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