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Where do I find my Enterprise Server Proxy ID? - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

Where do I find my Enterprise Server Proxy ID?

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What is a Proxy ID?

The Proxy ID is your unique customer identifier used to access the Enterprise Server Cloud Proxy. There are details of how the DESlock+ cloud allows communication between the Enterprise Server and its controlled workstations here:


Important: It is vital that only one Enterprise Server installation uses the Proxy ID.


You should NOT install multiple copies using the same Proxy ID at the same time.


You should NOT change the Proxy ID used by an Enterprise Server once it is installed.


Installing the Enterprise Server

When you purchased the DESlock+ product you should have received information by email detailing your licence information. 

Commonly this information will take the form of two separate emails, one detailing the Product ID and Key of the client licences and a second detailing the Enterprise Server licence including the Proxy ID value.

Some resellers customise their email templates to combine all the necessary information in a single Email. 

If you do not have the information required you will need to contact the reseller where you purchased your licences and ask them to resend the details.

The Proxy ID will need to be entered when requested by the Enterprise Server Setup Wizard.


Existing Server Installation

If you wish to see the Proxy ID of an installed Enterprise Server use the following steps:

  • Login to the Enterprise Server.
  • Click the Control Panel link in the top right corner.
  • Select the Administration\Settings menu.
  • Scroll the view to the Enterprise Server Account Settings section where the Proxy ID is displayed.


Alternative methods

These methods may be required if you are experiencing problems with the communications of your server and are requested by the support team to supply the registry and file values.


  • Use Windows Explorer to browse to Program Files\DESlock+ Enterprise Server (or Program Files (x86) on 64bit hosts).
  • Locate the file config.cfg.
  • Open the file in notepad.
  • You should see within the file a 40 character entry for the value ClientProxyCompanyUID which is the Proxy ID.


  • Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  • Enter the text regedit into the Run dialog then click the OK button.
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Data Encryption Systems Limited\DESlock+\Central (omitting the Wow6432Node on 32bit hosts).
  • The value for the setting CompanyKey is the Proxy ID.



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