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jun. 14 2022

ESET License Administrator - End of Life

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Let me announce you that ESET License Administrator, will reach End of Life and will be disabled on June 30, 2022.

ESET License Administrator will be completely replaced by ESET Business Account.

Implications in summary:

  • There is no impact on ESET License Administrator licenses and activated devices, means all ELA licenses and devices activated by these licenses will last active
  • All licenses activated by ESET License Administrator remain migratable to EBA before as well as after ESET License Administrator EOL
  • Devices activated by Security Administrators will last active, however Security Administrators will lose access to licenses activated by ESET License Administrator. Workaround is explained in ELA EOL FAQ.
  • Documentation and resources (KBs, Online helps, etc.) will be updated accordingly (note: some of resources might be updated later as affected products will follow ESET License Administrator EOL within their roadmap)
  • Affected ESET products will remove relations to ESET License Administrator gradually till the end of 2022
  • All ESET License Administrator links will be redirected to the static page with short explanation and cross connection to the ESET Business Account landing page

In June 20, we will proactively inform Security Administrators by e-mail about workaround to prevent losing access to ESET License Administrator licenses.

Please use the following video guide (in Dutch) on how to migrate your license from ELA to EBA: