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New outlook plugin BETA - Nieuws / Technology - ESET Tech Center

mrt. 22 2022

New outlook plugin BETA

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We are pleased to announce availability of completely reworked Outlook plugin for ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Windows platform.

The new plugin was designed to:

  • Resolve synchronization issues
  • Conflicts with other Outlook plugins
  • Significantly improve the performance

The plugin utilizes a standalone database for scan result recording to reduce mail-body modifications to absolute minimum, which should fix most of the synchronization problems and conflicts reported by Outlook. On top of this, we have optimized the scanning, where the email is inspected without unnecessary fragmentation, as it is now sent to be processed in one piece, including all session handling actions. We have also deprecated all three dynamic libraries with a single one, that was almost completely rewritten and has a better logging capability. Furthermore we have converged all anti-spam lists, added detection for 3rd-party plugins, introduced scanning optimizations so that Outlook remains responsive for the user, and many more improvements.

The build is highly stable in our testing environment so we recommend to deploy it to selected workstations, from which the issues were reported in the past to see how it behaves in real environment and usage.

Since this is not a regular BETA, we would only suggest to plan the deployment for users, who can either give constructive feedback based on either technical or day-to-day observation, or make sure, that assistance to these users can be provided by informed administrator(s). No additional technical skills are needed and we only want to point this out, that the willingness to give feedback, even if everything works hassle-free, to cooperate if potential problems will show up, is our primary intention.

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