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Release Announcement: ESET Full Disk Encryption (Hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Feb 16 2023

Release Announcement: ESET Full Disk Encryption (Hotfix)

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Changelog version1.3.4.39​​​​​​

  • Fixed: Reinstalling ESET Full Disk Encryption would not apply the policy if one was set within the install package

  • Fixed: Changing your password in Windows could disable the change password option in the pre-boot environment

  • Fixed: A problem where BitLocker could not be disabled or enabled when Full Disk Encryption was installed

  • Fixed: A problem using TPM encryption, where the system could go into automatic repair when using a disk with an SMI 2263XT controller

  • Fixed: Some systems experienced blue screens (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED) after performing SafeStart

  • Fixed: A problem where changing the pre-boot password before the systems first reboot would cause the change password option to not display on the bootloader

  • Improved: Various localization improvements

  • Improved: Updated EULA

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