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Nov 10 2022

Release Announcement: ESET PROTECT

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  • Added: Dark theme
  • Added: CEF format for Syslog
  • Added: Reporting of absolute and relative free space for hard drives in HW inventory
  • Added: Log out action in the Computer context menu (under Power)
  • Added: Log out Client Task
  • Added: Ability to filter Computers by FQDN
  • Added: Ability to filter Computers by Serial Number
  • Added: Last boot time in computer details
  • Added: Ability to switch between Absolute and Relative time in tables
  • Added: Ability to add column Hash in Detections section
  • Added: Ability to search by Hash in the Detections section
  • Added: Ability to search by Object in the Detections section
  • Added: Ability to distinguish if BitLocker is activated on a specific machine
  • Added: Filtering options in Computer details - Installed Applications screen
  • Added: Ability to deploy LiveGuard on all devices in a static group via context menu action
  • Added: Ability to reset default filters
  • Added: Computer preview - ability to reset displayed sections to the default
  • Added: Ability to modify Computer name and Description directly from the Computer preview panel
  • Added: Ability to mute/unmute Computer directly from the Computer preview panel
  • Added: Static Group name in Syslog events
  • Added: Ability to see the progress of removing client tasks
  • Added: Ability to filter unassigned policies in the Policies section
  • Added: Ability to sort policies in the "Last Modified By" column
  • Added: Support for time-elapsed (duration) filters in Dynamic Groups
  • Added: Section name as a prefix in the browser tab title
  • Added: Comma separator for thousands place in table numbers
  • Improved: VDI support (mostly improvements around instant clones)
  • Improved: Table numbers are now aligned right
  • Improved: Filter Advisor remembers item sorting
  • Improved: Network Adapters (part of Computer details - Details - Hardware) are more readable in IPv4/IPv6
  • Improved: Multiplatform support when deploying or enabling features via Solutions in the Computer context menu
  • Improved: Information in the Detection type column is split into two separate columns: Detection Category and Type
  • Improved: Selecting a product from the repository in the Software Install task
  • Improved: Inspect button display is now dependent on the permission set in "Access to ESET Inspect"
  • Improved: Filtering by Detection Type
  • Improved: New version of Log Collector (version in Management Agent
  • Improved: Creation of New Report Template for newly created Report category
  • Improved: Example section in the "Select time interval" filter
  • Changed: Limit from 100 to 1000 when opening selected objects
  • Changed: Disabled optional use OPAL in built-in encryption policy "Encrypt all disks - Recommended"
  • Changed: "Outdated Components" renamed to "Server components"
  • Changed: Minimal throttling for Client Tasks and Server Tasks was changed from 15 minutes to 1 minute
  • Fixed: Save filter set is not working correctly in all sections
  • Fixed: Specific scenario causes license sync breakage (if static group below company has the same name as a site that is created in EBA)
  • Fixed: When you load a saved filter set, it is not applied unless you edit it (various sections)
  • Fixed: Filter "? # OF ALERTS" is not working correctly (Computers section)
  • Fixed: AD Synchronization server task fails if the target group is "All" and groups are being removed
  • Fixed: "Log Into Domain" login screen check box selection is not remembered after logout
  • Fixed: License for AIO installer is mandatory
  • Fixed: The license list occasionally disappears when scrolling through a long License Management list
  • Fixed: The date/time filter does not work correctly on the localized web console
  • Fixed: All policies are hidden except auto-update when logging in to the console for the first time
  • Fixed: Info message about default value for time-based criteria in Notifications is shown when it is not mandatory
  • Fixed: Network adapter(s) screen informs that the latest version of an agent is required, even though the latest version is installed
  • Fixed: Default presets for Computers/Detections sections are overwritten in a special scenario
  • Fixed: Inaccurate problem count in License Management badge in specific scenarios
  • Fixed: Missing limit for quarantine management actions, which causes an error message in some cases
  • Fixed: HW inventory reports the TPM manufacturer version instead of the specification version
  • Various other minor improvements and bug fixes

More details about the new features: https://help.eset.com/protect_install/10.0/en-US/features.html

Installation packages are available in ESET PROTECT Repository and the download section of our website

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