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Error "The received update was not for this Key-File (0x400B0011)" when deactivating a user - Kennisbank / ESET Endpoint Encryption - ESET Tech Center

Error "The received update was not for this Key-File (0x400B0011)" when deactivating a user

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When sending a deactivate command, you may receive an alert popup stating that Revoke Activation command failed


When the details are viewed it shows the alert text Failed to deactivate user ...  The received update was not for this Key-File (0x400B0011)

Solution 1

This message indicates that the command has been unable to be processed as the user that logged in on the workstation was not the targeted user. 

The command will continue to retry and will be processed when the user you have requested deactivation of logs in to their Windows profile on the workstation.

Solution 2

Note: To carry out this solution, you must be using Enterprise Server version 2.7.0 or later.

If it is not possible to process the command as the user's profile no longer exists and is no longer needed, then it will be possible to remove the command by carrying out the following steps.

Select the User that was set to receive the command and click Delete.

A warning should appear, click Yes.

Enter your Enterprise Server Admin credentials.

Now that the user has been deleted, you will be able to remove the command from the Updates tab.

Click the Workstations button in the left hand panel and highlight the correct Workstation as needed.

Select the Updates tab.

Highlight the update that needs to be removed.

Click Remove.

Enter your Enterprise Server Admin credentials to allow the removal of the command.



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