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Upgrade ESET Remote Administrator 6.3 and later to ESET Security Management Center 7 - Kennisbank / ESET Security Management Center - ESET Tech Center

Upgrade ESET Remote Administrator 6.3 and later to ESET Security Management Center 7

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  • Upgrade individual ERA components (Agent, Server, Proxy) to ESMC
  • Resolve CReplectionModule errors by upgrading to the latest version


 Linux users: Upgrade ERA/ESMC to the latest version on a Linux Operating System.

Do you use ERA Proxy?

Read this Online Help topic for upgrading infrastructure with ERA 6 Proxy.



Upgrade to ESMC 7 is possible only from ERA 6.3 and later

You must have ESET Remote Administrator (ERA) version 6.3 and later to upgrade to ESET Security Management Center 7. Check which version of ERA you have installed.

  • Perform a full backup of ERA.
  • ESMC Web Console requires that you install Java 8 on the machine where ERA Web Console is installed.

Perform a manual component-based upgrade of ERA

I. Upgrade ERA Server and Web Console

  1. Download the necessary ESMC 7 component installers. ESMC Server, Agent, RD Sensor and Web Console are required. Download any other installers as needed. Do not rename downloaded .msi installer files.
  2. Stop Apache Tomcat. Navigate to your %TOMCAT_HOME%\bin directory (for example, C:\Program Files\Apache Tomcat\Tomcat7\bin) and double-click tomcat7w.exe.
  3. Back up the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era and all of its contents.

    File location will differ on 32-bit systems:

    On 32-bit systems, the "Program Files (x86)" folder is named "Program Files".

  4. Copy the configuration file located at: C:\Program Files(x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era\WEB-INF\classes\sk\eset\era\g2webconsole\server\modules\config\
  5. Delete the contents of the original C:\Program Files(x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era folder (including the era.war file).
  6. In the downloaded installer files from Step 1, locate the era.war file and extract it to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era.
  7. Move the configuration file from Step 4 to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era\WEB-INF\classes\sk\eset\era\g2webconsole\server\modules\config.
  8. Double-click Server_x64.msi. Follow the ESMC Server installation process. Specify these database connection settings:
    • If you installed using the all-in-one installer, in the Database drop-down menu, select MS SQL Server via Windows Authentication and click Next.
    • If you used an existing MS SQL Server/MySQL, select the connection type defined during installation. An administrative privileged database connection (user) is required when connecting to the ESMC Server database. Click Next.
  9. Complete the installation of ESMC Server.
  10. Start the Apache Tomcat service. Depending on your system configuration, allow up to 40 seconds for the service to start.
  11. Open ESET Security Management Center Web Console (ESMC Web Console) in your web browser and log in. How do I open ESMC Web Console?
  12. Continue to Part II. below to upgrade other ERA components.


II. Upgrade other ERA Components to ESMC

  1. Manually upgrade the ESET Rogue Detection Sensor (RD Sensor).
  2. Upgrade the ERA Agent(s) to ESET Management Agent(s). Choose the appropriate upgrade method below for your ERA/ESMC structure:
    • Use Component Upgrade task in section III below. This is the recommended method.
    • Run the Agent_x64.msi or Agent_x64.msi installer locally on each client.
    • Create a Run Command client task. This method is recommended for advanced users or if the Component upgrade task is unsuccessful.


III. Upgrade ERA Agents using Component upgrade task

  1. Open ESET Security Management Web Console (ESMC Web Console) in your web browser and log in.
  2. Navigate to Client TasksNew.
  3. Enter a Name for the new task and select Security Management Center Components Upgrade in the Task drop-down menu. Click Continue.
  4. To select the reference ESMC Server version for the upgrade, click <Choose server>. Do not select Automatic reboot check box.
  5. Do not create a trigger, click Finish and Close.
  6. Click Computers .
  7. Click the ESMC Server machine and click Run Task in the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Add Tasks and select the upgrade task from step 3.
  9. Click Finish to run the upgrade task immediately.

When the task is finished on the ESMC Server machine, verify it still connects and works properly. Wait an hour to see if any problems occur. Afterward, you can upgrade the rest of the agents. If you are running a larger network, with hundreds or more client computers:

  • Choose a sample of clients for a test update (include at least one client for each operating system/bit category) and run the task.
  • We recommend using Apache HTTP Proxy (or any other transparent web proxy with enabled caching) to limit network load. The test client machines will trigger the download/caching of the installers. When the task is ran again, the installers will be distributed to client computers directly from the cache.
  • After a successful test update, proceed with the rest of your clients. Alternatively, target the group to All. Upgrade is not performed on computers that have already been upgraded.
  • If you are using ERA Proxy, do not upgrade clients behind Proxy, before a suitable proxy solution is set up.

If the component upgrade is not working properly, try upgrading Agents using Run Command Client task.

Agent upgrade using Run Command Client task


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