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What is an update Mirror and what is its functionality? - Kennisbank / Endpoint Solutions - ESET Tech Center

What is an update Mirror and what is its functionality?

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The primary function of an update Mirror feature is to facilitate the virus signature update process while decreasing Internet traffic over an organization's local area network (LAN).

In order to continually provide the maximum level of protection against the latest threats, all ESET client workstations must check regularly for new program component and virus signature updates. By default, ESET client workstations check for updates on an hourly basis. The client workstations can either obtain these updates over the Internet directly from ESET’s update servers, or from a locally managed update source known as a 'Mirror server” (so-named because it stores an identical copy, or “mirror” of the update files that reside on ESET’s update servers).

The Mirror server provides you with the ability to maintain a local copy of virus signature and program component updates on your own network. It helps save bandwidth by centralizing the download and distribution of updates to ESET clients, and also allows you to provide updates to ESET clients which are not directly connected to the Internet.


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