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Release Announcement: Direct Endpoint Management plugin for ConnectWise Automate v1.5 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Jan 4 2021

Release Announcement: Direct Endpoint Management plugin for ConnectWise Automate v1.5

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Dear All, 

Allow me to inform you about a new major version of the Direct Endpoint Management plugin for ConnectWise Automate v1.5.
The new version is now live and available in the ConnectWise Automate console. For more information please see ConnectWise marketplace.
We're pleased to announce that the latest version introduces several usability improvements as well as new interaction additions as described in the changelog below.  


  • Added: Option to choose the exact product for deployment in Advanced Settings of Package Creation 
  • Added: Uninstall ESET option in Product field when editing a package, without the need to create deployment packages 
  • Added: New 'Blocked files' and 'Filtered Websites' values in Threat logs
  • Added: 'Resend Policy' option within the ESET Tasks drop-down menu 
  • Added: Context Menu for computers in Threat logs and Scan logs grids containing options 'Show Computer Detail';  'Computer Properties'; 'Refresh System Info'; 'On-Demand Scan'
  • Added: Filter option (both include * by default and exclude !) for 'Threat Source' in Threat log table 
  • Added: Data exclusion filter option taking string starting with ! as an input (e.g. !Computername)
  • Added: Display of warning about restricted characters in EMA2 Security Admin passwords 
  • Added: Caching ESET downloads to local server 
  • Added: Clearing alerts in ESET Tasks drop-down menu in Computers table to avoid unnecessary ticket creation for offline agents
  • Changed: Frozen first column in relevant tables improving scrolling interaction and visibility when selecting fields 
  • Changed: OS exclusion checkboxes logic for deploying of relevant products only
  • Fixed: Scan logs out of sync 
  • Fixed: EFSW product activation 
  • Fixed: v8 product configuration
  • Fixed: Other minor issues