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Release Announcement: ESET Business Account 3.21.2 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

NOV 13 2019

Release Announcement: ESET Business Account 3.21.2

Authors list

 I am pleased to announce you the successful release of EBA 3.21.2

Change Log
- New annexes and updated Terms of Use for ESET Cloud Administrator
- Support for ESET Full Disk Encryption since ESET Full Disk Encryption release (November 12, 2019)
- ESET Cloud Administrator trial now contains also ESET Full Disk Encryption trial (requires new version of ESET Cloud Administrator)
- Deleting ESET Cloud Administrator in ESET Business Account now supports 2FA
- Management of offline activated seats was improved
- Audit log from impersonation was improved (the real name was switched to ESET Support alias)
- New Indonesian language for ESET Cloud Administrator
- Deleting ESET Business Account now follows deleting ESET Cloud Administrator instance
- Dashboard loading performance was improved
- User management interface was improved
- Other improvements not or slightly visible for user (refactoring)

- Issue with not deactivated product after removing license with activated seat was fixed
- Improper logging into ESET Business Account with ESET MSP Administrator account was fixed
- Deactivated devices were excluded from export of activated devices
- Incorrect status of license in specific case was fixed
- Missing renew license option was fixed
- Missing description in one specific audit log was fixed
- Missing license management alerts were fixed
- Number of minor and trivial issues were fixed

Known Issues
- ESET Business Account might display wrong ESET Secure Authentication SMS consume or activated units in particular case
- List of licenses and seat counts in ESET Business Account might be not aligned with list of licenses and seat counts in endpoint products
- Delete ESET Business Account instance might take longer than expected
- Minor and trivial issues

Affected Products
- ESET Business Account

Service version
- 3.21.2