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Release Announcement: ESET Secure Authentication - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Oct 1 2020

Release Announcement: ESET Secure Authentication

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We would like to confirm a successful release of ESET Secure Authentication 


  • ADDED: ASP.NET Membership Database users support in SharePoint
  • IMPROVED: Elasticsearch connectivity
  • IMPROVED: RADIUS support for custom attributes containing multiple values e.g. memberOf
  • IMPROVED: MacOS authentication using PAM and related documentation
  • IMPROVED: RADIUS PAP password now supports UTF-8
  • IMPROVED: Windows login FIDO authentication
  • IMPROVED: ESET MSP Administrator now explicitly mentioned
  • IMPROVED: Dozens of other performance, usability and security improvements
  • FIXED: AD FS problems when AD language is different than ENU
  • FIXED: E-mail notifications now use server local time
  • FIXED: Web console error 500 when WMI is not accessible
  • FIXED: Windows login authentication failure when domain controller is unavailable

Product: ESET Secure Authentication
Build Information: ESA server app
Languages: Server app - English (ENU)