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Aug 15 2022

Release Announcement - ESET Status Portal

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We at ESET want to provide the best products in the market. To ensure our products and services are stable and reliable, ESET constantly works to improve internal processes, systems, and much more. To enable further progress, discussions about the health status reporting of our cloud services were ongoing for a long time. ESET has decided to provide its customers with a reliable solution where they can monitor cloud services’ health on demand.


The main goal is to monitor ESET cloud services' health and make it available publicly for our customers. This way, we want to ensure our customers of the reliability and stability of our products & services. Additionally, ESET wants to report any outages, whether planned (available in the future) or unplanned, publicly, updated ASAP.


ESET Status Portal - - a new dedicated webpage that provides an overview of the current and past status of ESET cloud products or services, with announcements about incidents and planned maintenance outages (available in the future). As with any cloud service, the reliability is not always 100%, and from time to time, services have issues or are inaccessible, which may result in a lower security state for the customer or inaccessibility to management. Our goal is to have the information publicly available on the portal.

Release details:

  • Release date: 27 July 2022
  • Product: ESET Status Portal -
  • Availability: Global

Supported products and services:

  • ESET Cloud Office Security
  • ESET LiveGrid®
  • ESET LiveGuard


Do I have to report every incident?

No, we're actively monitoring those services internally by our CloudOps team. However, when you experience or receive information from a customer that some service doesn't work, while there is nothing on Status Portal, please report it.

How do I report an incident?

Always submit a support request: 

Does Status Portal reflect status changes fully automatically?

No. We have many internal processes for monitoring possible incidents; however, changing the state is a manual job. The main reason is to avoid False Positives; therefore, we analyze every issue deeper before the status is changed.

Will there be other products supported?

Yes, we've started with a set of cloud products and services above; however, we also plan to support others in the future.