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ESET Endpoint Security 9 & ESET Endpoint Antivirus 9 BETA - Nieuws / Technology - ESET Tech Center

okt. 19 2021

ESET Endpoint Security 9 & ESET Endpoint Antivirus 9 BETA

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We are pleased to announce the availability of ESET Endpoint Security / Antivirus 9 BETA for public testing.

The new generation of ESET Endpoint products for Windows brings new features and improvements, let us briefly describe the most visible ones.

  • Auto-update – This feature improves the upgrade experience for administrators and makes keeping ESET products on latest version easier. It is enabled by default and works out of the box. Technology was present in Windows Endpoint version already 8.0, EULA approval was replaced with EULA notifications.
  • Brute-force attack protection - Evolution of reputation and blacklist-based password-guessing defense technology, providing further protection for RDP and SMB protocols in business networks.
  • Official ARM64 support for both EES and EEA for Windows on ARM ( Secure Browser, Machine learning protection and Deep behavioral inspection features are not available for ARM64 platform in this version)

The new features mentioned are not manageable by ESET PROTECT management console as of now.

More information about this BETA version and download links are available at: (ESET Forum account required)