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Pre-release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.3.0 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

jun. 17 2021

Pre-release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 2.3.0

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Let me inform you, that we have declared Internal Technical Readiness for a new version of ESET PROTECT Cloud and are planning to deploy it into the production during 22.6.2021 - 6.7.2021. 

Release notes: 

  • Individual customers will be impacted in minimal way. From their point of view, updates will require minimal downtime. Individual customer instance would be inaccessible up to 15 minutes. Upgrades will happen out of business hours.
  • New customers will not be affected, as newly generated instance would be on the latest version from the very first moment.
  • The security of the network will be not affected.


  • ADDED: Management of Apple devices running iOS and iPadOS, including Apple Business Manager
  • ADDED: Native ARM64 support for ESET Management Agent for Windows
  • ADDED: Support for VMWare Instant Clones
  • ADDED: New audit information on the policy screen (Modification time, Last modified by, and Creation time)
  • ADDED: Upgrade outdated operating systems in a computer group
  • ADDED: Ability to copy a license Public ID to the clipboard via the context menu in license management
  • ADDED: Ability to filter licenses on the license management screen based on the Public ID
  • ADDED: Automatic resolution of HIPS logs
  • ADDED: Computer description as a new attribute in Device Identifiers under computer details
  • ADDED: Support for migration and backup of ESET Full Disk Encryption (EFDE) recovery data
  • ADDED: New client task "Generate new FDE Recovery password" (available from EFDE client version 1.3 (EFDE - purchased separately))
  • ADDED: Ability to retry encryption from the console if encryption fails (available from EFDE client version 1.3 (EFDE - purchased separately))
  • IMPROVED: Preview feature – Computer preview (added new sections and the possibility to click on some elements and navigate to relevant details)
  • IMPROVED: The Syslog export now also supports the information log level
  • IMPROVED: The ESET Full Disk Encryption status now provides more details
  • IMPROVED: Extended Hardware inventory details for the device with encryption-related fields
  • IMPROVED: Disabled computers are not synced or deleted by the Active Directory scanner
  • IMPROVED: Various UI and UX improvements
  • CHANGED: Retention policy enforcement notification
  • CHANGED: The CRON trigger can be planned for LOCAL or UTC time only
  • CHANGED: The Wipe task has been dropped because it does not work properly in newer versions of Android. The Factory Reset task remains the only task for both Apple and Android devices.
  • CHANGED: Adjustments related to managed products name changes
  • FIXED: Mobile device management allows manual selection of a suitable platform in case of unrecognized mobile devices
  • FIXED: The License Owner name is not updated in License Management after changing it in ESET Business Account
  • FIXED: A Client task cannot be scheduled for managed computer local time (only for browser time)
  • FIXED: Various other bug fixes, security, and performance improvements

Important Note: Some of the new functionalities require new version of ESET Management Agent, which will be available in the repository from 24th June. From this date, you can upgrade agents manually, or agents will be upgraded automatically in few weeks.



Build Information / Service version:

Service version: 2.3.0



Planned release window: 22.6.2021 - 6.7.2021