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Release Annoucement: ESET Bridge v3.0.1.0 - Feature Release - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

Dec 6 2023

Release Annoucement: ESET Bridge v3.0.1.0 - Feature Release

Lijst van auteurs

This release of ESET Bridge brings a lot of new exciting features for the users of ESET Bridge. Let me try to mention some of the most important features added to our proxy solution. The most important feature added to the version 3.0 is the Auto-update mechanism, we have added a support for using V&PM with the ESET Bridge by default, and lastly, we improved the Life-cycle Automation and many other improvements and new features which will be further discussed in this document. In this specific release we are focusing on improving the automation of the product with adding exciting features which will help the admin to set-up the product and forget about it, allowing the administrator to have more automation over this product and focusing more on other important jobs.

Release details:

  • Release date: 5 December 2023

  • Product: ESET bridge v3.0.1.0

  • Type: Feature Release

  • Availability: Global


  • ADDED: Auto-Updates Functionality.

  • ADDED: Custom DNS Configuration.

  • ADDED: Support for keeping pkgid user settings at product upgrade.

  • ADDED: Support for using V&PM with ESET Bridge by default.

  • IMPROVED: Custom proxy cache directory with correct permissions set by default.

  • IMPROVED: Support for Bridge usage without compatible Protect.

  • IMPROVED: Certificate Functionality.

  • IMPROVED: Expired Certificate.

  • IMPROVED: Proxy Chaining.

  • IMPROVED: Stability Improvements.

  • ADDED: Brand Unification.

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