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Release Announcement: ESET Business Account 3.28.1 (Service Release) - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

mrt. 25 2020

Release Announcement: ESET Business Account 3.28.1 (Service Release)

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Dear all,

Let me inform you about successful Service Release of ESET Business Account into production.
The scope of service release includes primarily new alerts and integration improvements.

Change Log

  • Added:
    • Improved alerts settings by options to switch on or off expiration and overusage alerts and e-mail notifications
    • Support for ECA, ESO365 and ESMCC
    • Design of announcements was improved
    • System preserves displayed number of activated devices per page within login session
    • System preserves selected license, when user executes operations on activated devices
    • Feature to export list of activated devices for site users was added
    • Other minor and non-visible improvements
  • Bug-fixes:
    • Wrong representation of product usage and license quantity in specific cases was fixed
    • Several issues with ECA, ESMCC and ESO365 integrations were fixed
    • Issue with missing validation text in Register license form was fixed
    • Other minor and trivial issues were fixed

Known issues

  • Confirmation e-mails sending from EBA might be blocked by Microsoft when user uses Microsoft Outlook or
  • Synchronization and some specific operations with ESMCC and ESO 365 might not work properly
  • ESA activation via site might perform with error
  • Issue with allocating units to site might happen in specific case
  • Application error might appear when user logins after logout
  • Incompatibilities in some browsers might appear
  • New alerts settings might not work properly in some edge cases
  • Other minor known issues

Affected Products

  • ESET Business Account 

Service version

  • 3.28.1