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Release announcement: ESET Cloud Office Security v140.6 (hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Feb 8 2022

Release announcement: ESET Cloud Office Security v140.6 (hotfix)

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Let me inform you about the release of the new version of ECOS portal (v140.6), which is scheduled for deployment during tomorrow Wednesday, Feb. 9. 2022.

A short period of unavailability of the portal is expected during the deployment process.


  • Added the Whitelabeling feature with own custom logo into PDF reports.
  • Added information about ESET Dynamic Threat Defense scans in PDF reports.
  • Added more options to time period selector on the report creation screen.
  • Added the option to change language of admin notifications.
  • Added option to filter messages by Message ID on Detections, Quarantine and Logs screens.
  • Added the reason to Scan results in case anti-spam has been skipped or disabled.
  • Unified time format and added time zone used in Quarantine mail reports.
  • Fixed an internal bug moving false positives back to Junk.
  • Other minor fixes and internal improvements.