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Release Announcement: ESET Endpoint for Windows 9.0.2046.0 (hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Mar 25 2022

Release Announcement: ESET Endpoint for Windows 9.0.2046.0 (hotfix)

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus and Security 9.0.2046.0 have been released and are available for download in ESET PROTECT repository and the download section of our website.

Changelog version 9.0.2046.0

  • Fixed: EDTD operation after upgrade
  • Fixed: Web control log not created until OS is rebooted after deployment
  • Fixed: ESET control elements missing in the Windows context menu opened from 32-bit app
  • Improved: Upgrade and uninstallation problems caused by external registry entries corruption
  • Improved: Added ability to configure for application status "Eset Push Notification Service server cannot be reached"
  • Fixed: HIPS rule application
  • Fixed: Incorrect application status of "AMSI integration failed" shown upon changing setting "Enable advanced scanning of browser scripts"
  • Fixed: Scheduled scan is incorrectly reported as not running if previous occurrence is still running
  • Fixed: Restart required application status when same version of Endpoint deployed twice remotely
  • Fixed: CVE-2022-27167
  • Fixed: UEFI detection while On-Demand scan executed remotely from Detections list in Protect console
  • Fixed: Coexistence with Sentinel ONE solution

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