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Release Announcement: ESET Endpoint for Windows 9.1.2060.0 (Hotfix) (Auto-Update) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Oct 15 2022

Release Announcement: ESET Endpoint for Windows 9.1.2060.0 (Hotfix) (Auto-Update)

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Changelog version 9.1.2060.0

  • Fixed: Restart notification having extreme timeout value
  • Fixed: Conflicts with Mimecast, gpg4win, GpgOL and Kleopatra Outlook add-ins
  • Fixed: Conflicts with Document management add-in and crashes in Outlook 2010
  • Improved: Improve Outlook startup with many email accounts

For the time being all ESET Endpoints with regular online connectivity will start to upgrade to a newer version only after manual activation of the "Check for updates"-button in endpoint's main user interface. This holds good until October 18th, 2022, when the release window will continue with controlled update progress (50% serving ratio) to make the rollout curve smooth on the update servers, as well as on our customers' side, until finally serving all requests from November 1st, 2022.

Please keep in mind, that versions 8.0 and 8.1 still need reconfiguration in update profile (for managed networks) to allow this type of upgrade, and you can fine-tune the level of user interaction by setting the desired combination of "Application notifications" and "Application statuses" in advanced configuration beforehand.

Of course, this hotfix is now available for manual installation and the binaries are published in the software repository of ESET PROTECT and in the download section of ESET global website.

Compatible version(s): 8.0.2028.0, 8.0.2028.3, 8.0.2039.0, 8.0.2039.3, 8.0.2044.0, 8.0.2044.3, 8.0.2053.0, 8.1.2031.0, 8.1.2031.3, 8.1.2037.2, 8.1.2037.9, 8.1.2045.0, 8.1.2050.0, 9.0.2032.0, 9.0.2032.2, 9.0.2032.6, 9.0.2046.0, 9.1.2051.0, 9.1.2057.0