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Release Announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector 1.6.1716 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

jun. 2 2021

Release Announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector 1.6.1716

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We have successfully released ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.6

Changelog version: 1.6.1716

  • Granular User Access rights (permission sets in ESET PROTECT)
  • Incidents view
  • Remote Connection method
  • Reduction of “Detection overload”
  • Learning mode
  • Protection against noisy Rules
  • Default Exclusions suggestions
  • Profile based configuration in the installer to setup the product for various user types
  • Choice of 3 preset Profiles
  • Choice of Rules to enable based on four Severity levels
  • Choice of Data collection options
  • Choice of Data retention periods
  • Change of default views
  • Database improvements
  • Event Filters created automatically for noisy Computers
  • DB Purge process improvement
  • Display estimated DB required space on Dashboard
  • Warning for sub-optimal DB configuration
  • Warning in case of lack of space
  • User Interface improvements
  • Notifications view
  • Improved Details view
  • Filtering in Raw Events view
  • Categorization for Rules
  • Expose PEDrop module hash in UI
  • Detection capability improvements
  • Ability to detect brute forcing of accounts
  • Ability to detect misuse of trusted DLLs
  • Ability to monitor discovery techniques using WMI GetObject method
  • Re-evaluation of Rules severity values (based on latest telemetry statistics)
  • Change of Ruleset to reflect the compromised flag
  • REST API improvements
  • Ability to disable/enable Rules
  • Ability to create/manage Exclusions
  • Ability to trigger Network Isolation
  • Added Trigger Event for Detections
  • Ability to upload a list of hashes to be blocked
  • Ability to update Computer state
  • Other improvements
  • Ease of deployment – All-in-one installer with EI Agent (ESET PROTECT 8.1 required)
  • Performance and scaling improvements
  • Renaming of ESMC to ESET PROTECT within the EEI interface
  • Support for modules within EEI (e.g. Confeng)
  • Support for Subscription licensing


Installers are available on the download section of our website as well as the ESET  PROTECT repository