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Release announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector Server 1.5.1512.0 (Hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

mrt. 15 2021

Release announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector Server 1.5.1512.0 (Hotfix)

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Version 1.5.1512.0

  • Added: Support for SQL Server table compression to prevent customer reported issues.
  • Added: Performance improvements for some SQL queries.
  • Fixed: Database filling up too quickly and no purge being performed issue.
  • Fixed: Database purge not working correctly when the SQL Server's default language is set to a language with a specific date format (returning the error: "Error converting data type varchar to datetime").
  • Fixed: MySQL Tables optimization being triggered too often (after the previous purge was running for longer).
  • Fixed: Database not able to accept new events if some endpoints produced unexpectedly high traffic that filled up the queue (thus resulting in errors about reaching queue/disk space limit).
  • Fixed: Issue of EEI creating too large SQL Server transaction logs and thus resulting in lack of space.

Please note that this is an update only for the EEI server itself and the EEI Agents are not affected.
Available for download at: