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Release Announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector v1.5.1505 (Hotfix 2) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Jan 28 2021

Release Announcement: ESET Enterprise Inspector v1.5.1505 (Hotfix 2)

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Today we have released the 2nd Hotfix for ESET Enterprise Inspector v1.5 to address a few issues discovered in the product after release. For customers who are not experiencing any of the issues described below it is not necessary to update immediately, however since it addresses a few issues which customers might not actually be aware of (e.g. some exclusions not working correctly) but might cause trouble, I would recommend to use this latest Hotfix 2 version whenever possible due to the increase in security that it brings. Please find the full changelog below.


Fixed: Customer reported issues related to product update (mostly SQL database related)
Fixed: Problems with exclusions (exclusions not being applied correctly)
Fixed: Agent and server crashes
Fixed: Issues with connection to LiveGrid via authenticated proxy not working
Fixed: ModuleDrop not triggering detection correctly (rules focused on monitoring of dropped executables)

Release date

  • 28.1.2021

Release notes

  • Please use the .msi installer to upgrade the EEI Server

Installation packages

  • Build 1.5.1505 will become available on our official download page on the day of release


  • English

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