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Release announcement: ESET File Security for Linux 8.0.375.0 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

mrt. 16 2021

Release announcement: ESET File Security for Linux 8.0.375.0

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ESET File security for Linux version 8.0.375.0 has been released and is available to download on the download section of our website and in the ESET Protect repository for use in Software Installation tasks. 

Changelog version 8.0.375.0

  • New: Process Exclusions
  • New: SecureBoot support
  • New: Amazon Linux and Oracle Linux support
  • New: Protection status configuration
  • New: Activation with business account credentials
  • New: Detection exclusions wizard
  • New: Submit a sample for analysis
  • New: Support for EncFS
  • Improved: Capability of command line utilities for use with future Remote Monitoring & Management integration
  • Improved: Administrator can submit a sample for analysis directly from the Quarantine section
  • Improved: Administrator can copy a quarantine section hash using the drop-down menu
  • Improved: A file hash column shows for all quarantined items
  • Improved: Quarantine section content is translated to supported languages
  • Improved: Confirmation dialog appears when doing actions with quarantined files
  • Improved: Web GUI user experience and polishing
  • Fixed: Product activation through a proxy server returns "Activation successful," but the product remains inactive
  • Fixed: In some scenarios, the product is unable to send a log to the logging service
  • Fixed: Exclusions ending without "/" work differently for real-time and on-demand scans
  • Fixed: Error requiring kernel headers when HWE kernel is used on Ubuntu
  • Fixed: Other bug fixes and minor optimizations
  • Removed: Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 and CentOS 6 support