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Release Announcement: ESET Full Disk Encrpytion (Hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Aug 17 2022

Release Announcement: ESET Full Disk Encrpytion (Hotfix)

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Changelog  version

  • Fixed: Temporarily disabling FDE authentication now automatically changes the GUI after the set period of time
  • Fixed: Service no longer crashes when MS Storage Spaces are being used on the system
  • Fixed: A problem if an OPAL encrypted system crashes for any reason, the software would report it is no longer encrypted on next reboot
  • Fixed: A problem where the pre-boot authentication screen would freeze when a 2nd monitor is connected or disconnected
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability CVE-2022-2402 [CVSS 6.5] - reported externally
  • Fixed: A problem were the pre-boot loader would not be updated during an upgrade
  • Fixed: A problem with HP Elitebook failing to boot with "Unable to locate operating system boot file" error
  • Fixed: MSP licenses now show no expiration in the ESET Protect console
  • Fixed: Workaround for a bug in some Lenovo UEFI implementations, that incorrectly report parameters of NVMe drives. This prevented affected systems from booting, when encrypted using TPM with NVMe drives.