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Nov 28 2023

Release Announcement: ESET Full Disk Encryption

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UPDATE: 28.11.2023 17:02 CET

We have rolled back the release of EFDE due to unsigned "efdesrv.exe". Build will be replaced with a build that will have the “efdesrv.exe” signed. No other changes will be present in the new build. We expect the new build to be available in the ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud tomorrow, the 29th of November 2023.

I want to inform you that today, the 28th of November 2023, we have released ESET Full Disk Encryption v1.4.50.0.

Changelog for EFDE

  • Added: Support for automatic upgrades via ESET PROTECT console

  • Added: Support to detect missing UEFI Microsoft 3rd Party Certificate Authority

  • Added: Mouse support in bootloader

  • Improved: Seat data is now updated on the EFDE license when changes are detected

  • Improved: Various bootloader user interface improvements

  • Improved: New look user interface

  • Improved: EFDE will now use the common proxy policy

  • Improved: ENG US keyboard layout is only added to the operating system when required

  • Improved: Automatically generate new recovery password is set to on by default

  • Changed: Product versioning aligned with ESET versioning rules

  • Fixed: A problem with systems freezing upon booting with encrypted SSSTC disks

  • Fixed: A problem with Wortmann Terra devices freezing when the touchpad is touched within the bootloader

  • Fixed: Online help links are now redirected properly

  • Fixed: EFDE can no longer be installed on Windows Server 2019/2022

  • Fixed: When a TPM is in a locked state the TPM recovery code is no longer shown

  • Removed: OS support for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1

Installation Packages

  • ESET Full Disk Encryption v1.4.50.0 is now available in ESET PROTECT and ESET PROTECT Cloud.

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