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Release Announcement: ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 9.0.1008.0 - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

mei 18 2022

Release Announcement: ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server 9.0.1008.0

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Changelog version 9.0.10008.0

  • Added: New rule add action "Skip ESET LiveGuard (old name ** EDTD) scan"
  • Added: The option to filter emails (message body) according to the list of words. (e.g. profanity words)
  • Added: The option for deleting just the attachment while the message body is delivered to the recipient
  • Added: The option to scan all attachments quarantined by rules also by AV scanner
  • Added: The option to check quarantined attachments also by ESET LiveGuard (old name EDTD)
  • Added: HTTPS links are now enabled, to release items directly from mail quarantine reports
  • Improved: The handling of detected attachments (user can replace quarantined/deleted messages with custom text)
  • Improved: The Web quarantine interface and its behaviour (i.e. automatic refresh when the page size changes)
  • Improved: SPF: possibility to verify MAIL FROM domain first before HELO domain
  • Improved: Debug log records were added to Mail quarantine reports
  • Improved: Debug log extended about the user who released a message from quarantine
  • Improved: A Time limit option was added to scheduled On-demand scans to have the possibility to stop the scan after a defined period of time automatically
  • Improved: DKIM was improved - user can determine which emails should be signed
  • Improved: Background activities are shown in the tray icon
  • Improved: Quarantine attachment envelope text was improved by added support for malware detection
  • Improved: Improvements were made in the DKIM settings section
  • Improved: Database scan remaining time indicates real-time as it is for computer scan
  • Improved: Support for malware detections was improved in quarantine attachment envelope text
  • Improved: The formatting to Notification in the body for scanned emails
  • Improved: Web quarantine customisation related mainly to the GUI
  • Fixed: The expiration date is now correctly sent to ESET PROTECT when the license has an MSP flag AND is not trial
  • Fixed: The module folder is now not present in the non-system drive after uninstall
  • Fixed: Error while adding a message to local quarantine - events log is now solved
  • Fixed: The body of quarantined messages is now localized correctly
  • Fixed: Headers in detail of quarantined record are now shown correctly
  • Fixed: After changing the uPCU update type advanced setup works now correctly
  • Fixed: In a hybrid environment, scanning remote shared mailboxes works properly
  • Fixed: Infected emails can be now released from quarantine without returning back
  • Fixed: Turning on disabled or paused features in the setup panel works correctly
  • Fixed: Mail with infected attachments is properly quarantined
  • Fixed: Handling of damaged mail that passed ESET LiveGuard (old name EDTD) analysis was fixed
  • Fixed: SPF evaluation set via rules is working now properly