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Release announcement: ESET PROTECT 10.1.28 (Hotfix) - Nieuws / Releases / Hotfix - ESET Tech Center

Sep 5 2023

Release announcement: ESET PROTECT 10.1.28 (Hotfix)

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ESET PROTECT 10.1.28 has been released and is available to download and update.


  • IMPROVED: Additional log data available in report template

  • FIXED: Agents lost connection after migration, followed by an upgrade

  • FIXED: Agent service fails to stop in time, or system restart takes longer than expected

  • FIXED: The main search feature in ESET PROTECT (Virtual Appliance) does not work properly

  • FIXED: Agent for macOS is not correctly reporting the system build number in specific cases

  • FIXED: Additional minor and localization fixes

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