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jan. 7 2022

Release announcement: ESET PROTECT Cloud 3.1

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Let me inform you, we are planning to deploy a new version of ESET PROTECT Cloud 3.1 into production during 11.1.2022 - 25.1.2022.

EDIT: The planned release window has been changed from 11.1.2022 - 25.1.2022 to 12.1.2022 - 26.1.2022.

Release notes:

  • The release process, as usual consists of several individual (internal) tasks/activities which will be executed during 11.1.2022 (starting 9:00 CET) - 25.1.2022
  • Mind the fact, that due to thousands of ESET PROTECT Cloud instances, the upgrade will happen in phases (gradual roll-out to individual instances) from 11.1.2022 - 25.1.2022 to secure smooth operation of the whole cloud service.
  • Individual customers will be impacted in a minimal way. From their point of view, updates will require minimal downtime. Individual customer's instance would be inaccessible up to 15 minutes. Upgrades will happen out of business hours.
  • New customers will not be affected, as a newly generated instance would be on the latest version from the very first moment.
  • The security of the network will be not affected.


  • ADDED: Easier deployment - the new simplified dialog for installer download, and reworked wizard for creation of the customized installer
  • ADDED: Dynamic groups for mobile devices
  • ADDED: Easy trial, deploy and purchase of ESET Dynamic Threat Defense (EDTD) also for MSP customers
  • ADDED: Hide and Show action for EDTD Dashboard
  • ADDED: Possibility to add Group Name column in the Deductions section (not displayed by default)
  • CHANGED: Default message contents (Computer first connected, Computer identity recovered, Computer cloning question created)
  • IMPROVED: EDTD status (enabled/disabled) is reported properly to the console (requires Endpoint version 9.0 and above) and leveraged in various sections (for example, action Enable is not offered for endpoint where the feature is already enabled)
  • IMPROVED: Computer description can be multiline
  • IMPROVED: User can define more than one naming pattern for VDI master image
  • IMPROVED: Hover effect (Inverted color) on the cell with Computer name (in Computers section) and on the cell with Detection type (in Detections section)
  • IMPROVED: Computer name and IP is now in separate columns in the Detection section
  • FIXED: Multiple sorting does not work as expected when the top priority is assigned to the Alerts column
  • FIXED: The overall status of the license might not be shown correctly in specific cases
  • FIXED: Various other bug fixes, security, and performance improvements

Product/Service: ESET PROTECT Cloud
Build Information / Service version:  ESET PROTECT Cloud 3.1