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Release Announcement: ESET Secure Authentication - Nieuws / Releases - ESET Tech Center

jan. 19 2021

Release Announcement: ESET Secure Authentication

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We would like to confirm successful release of ESET Secure Authentication 


  • Added: offline license activation warning     
  • Improved: users can use FQDN or NetBIOS domain name by authentication     
  • Fixed: issues with data export in AD mode     
  • Fixed: issues leading to Error 500 in OWA     
  • Fixed: issue when exchange users without mailbox could login without 2FA     
  • Fixed: Windows Login component no longer shows outdated information about logins left     
  • Fixed: issues when other than English language used in Windows related to FIDO     
  • Fixed: issue when VPN server stopped communicating with RADIUS component     
  • Fixed: issue with self-enrollment when using FIDO     
  • Fixed: issue when logging to OWA     
  • Fixed: issue with first factor validation in RADIUS     
  • Fixed: various other improvements and bug fixes

Product: ESET Secure Authentication
Builds Numbers: Server app build
Release Stage: Public Release
Languages: Server app - English (ENU)

Server installer is now live and global download section is updated.