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apr. 16 2021

Release announcement: ESET Secure Authentication - (Hotfix)

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Let me inform you, that we have released ESET Secure Authentication, hotfix build  

Release notes:

  • With this version we are going to release new server application


  • ADDED: Support for RDP Web Client (HTML5)
  • ADDED: Grouping of Exchange OWA/ECP 
  • IMPROVED: Description of certified hash
  • IMPROVED: FIDO PIN is no longer visible (as plain text) in windows logins
  • CHANGED: RADIUS challenge wording to easily readable format
  • FIXED: Reported Error 500 issue
  • FIXED: Issue when MSCHAPV2 authentication failed
  • FIXED: Issue with SMTP authentication
  • FIXED: Issue with 2FA in Exchange 2010 in special cases
  • FIXED: Issue when ESA RADIUS does not respond when setting "name from distinguished name" for memberOf
  • FIXED: Invalid domain name obtained if DNS suffix is set
  • FIXED: RADIUS - Checking of group membership
  • FIXED: Various other improvements and fixes

Product: ESET Secure Authentication
Build Information: ESA server app
Languages: Server app - English (ENU),