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nov. 2 2022

Release announcement: ESET Server Security for Linux

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Release details:

  • Release date: 02 November 2022
  • Product: ESET Server Security for Linux - 
  • Type: Service release
  • Availability: Global excl. Japan


  • Added: Auto-updates & New EULA
  • Added: Support of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Added: Support of RHEL 9
  • Added: Product tour in Web GUI
  • Improved: Enhancement of product kernel module
  • Improved: Sample delete settings for ESET LiveGuard Advanced
  • Improved: Reporting of non-working services to ESET LiveGrid by Watchdog
  • Improved: File size limit for offline license upload in Web GUI
  • Improved: Support of SELinux without product specific rules
  • Improved: Redesign of 404 page
  • Fixed: Issues while scanning BTRFS volumes
  • Fixed: Delay of opening files located on a read-only NFS shares 
  • Fixed: Issues when triggering a scan from his ESET Protect console 
  • Fixed: On-demand scan remains in "Scanning in progress" state
  • Fixed: Performance issues caused by Real-time protection
  • Fixed: Performance exclusion malfunction in case of large amount of exclusions
  • Removed: ESET Shared Local Cache due to EOL status