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Deploy ESET Management Agent using Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager - Kennisbank / ESET PROTECT On-prem - ESET Tech Center

Deploy ESET Management Agent using Microsoft Intune / Microsoft Endpoint Manager

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  1. Create a configuration file for GPO or SCCM Deployment

    Select the appropriate certificate and enter the password if needed. Optionally configure other settings in the advanced section, save the install_config.ini  file. 
  2. Download the EM Agent installation package:
  3. Place the agent_x64.msi and install_config in the same directory:
  4. Create .intunewin package by running IntuneWinAppUtil.exe:
  5. You can now distribute the package via intune. 
  6. Apps > Windows > Windows apps > Add > Windows App (Win32)
  7. Select the intunewin package created earlier:
  8. Optionally add additional information, categories etc:
  9. The "Program" tab should be pre-filled, no changes are required here.
  10. Select 32 or 64-bit depending on the msi file used to create the intunewin package:
  11. Add detection rule, rule type: MSI, MSI product code field will be filled in automatically.
  12. Leave dependencies empty:
  13. Set up the desired assignments: (e.g. required for everyone)
  14. Review the settings and click “create”
  15. Intune will now start installing the ESET Mangement Agent on managed computers.

Comments (2)

Fokko Brugge
Dank voor de duidelijke uitleg. Wat gebeurt er als de agent via ESET Protect Cloud een update van de agent wordt uitgevoerd. Gr. Fokko Brugge
Steef | ESET Nederland
Bedankt voor je comment, je kan dus de initiƫle installatie via intune uitvoeren, nadien zal de agent zichzelf bijwerken naar de laatste versie en altijd in lijn (compatible) blijven met de versie van ESET PROTECT Cloud.

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