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DESlock+ licensing

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How is DESlock+ licensed?

DESlock+ on Windows is licenced by user.  This means a user can have multiple Windows computers e.g. their laptop and desktop licenced from a single DESlock+ Windows licence. 

Mobile licences are licenced separately to allow use of the product on iOS.


What licence types are available?

There are currently five different licence types available: Personal, Mobile, Essential, Standard and Pro.

There is a full description of the features available in each licence type on the main website here:

The Essential licence is only available to ESET customers.

All products are available as perpetual licences with annual maintenance and support, or as subscription licences to help spread the cost. 


Can I upgrade or renew a licence?

Yes.  All licence types can be upgraded or renewed in place with the exception of the Personal licence.  This includes the conversion of trial licences to full licences.

If you purchased or obtained your trial from the site then simply login to the licence portal and purchase an upgrade or renewal to your existing licence.

If you purchased through a reseller then you will need to arrange your purchase through them for your existing Product ID.  Note: It is important that your reseller processes your order as a renewal or upgrade of your existing Product ID through their sales portal and does not process the order as a new licence.

If you wish to find your Product ID to ensure you are dealing with the correct licence, it can be found using the process detailed here: How do I find my Product ID?

Once you have renewed or upgraded the licence with your supplier you will need to resync your systems for the change to take effect.  The following articles detail this process:

Standalone licence: How to manually update your licence

Enterprise Server managed licence: How do I resync my licences?


If you wish to upgrade a machine using a Personal licence, the Personal licence must first be removed.   This process is detailed at the end of this article in the Personal Edition section: Error 0xc02e0010 reported from licence wizard


Can I downgrade licence?

The downgrading of licence type is not supported. 


What happens when a subscription licence expires?

This is covered in the following article: What happens when my DESlock+ licence expires?




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